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90th Birthday Party – Styling

We all have one day that is our own to be celebrated. Another year lived. Another year spent with the ones we love. Another year of triumphs and tribulations. Another year of memories gathered. The GIFT of another year! Life is such a precious thing.

I’m a firm believer that birthday’s should be celebrated. Whether it be an intimate dinner with family or an over the top celebration, celebrate! Soak in the love from your family and friends. Enjoy these moments as they are precious and can be so fleeting.  We truly do not know what the next day holds so rejoice in the gift of life and celebrate!

So celebrate they did! I had the honor of styling a birthday party for a sweet Lois’s 90th Birthday. That’s right, 90th! Can you imagine the stories she can tell? What a blessing to live such a full life. After the guests had cleared and the party was being cleaned up, I had the privilege of talking with her for a few moments. She was visibly filled with joy and was smiling from ear to ear. I asked her if she ever thought that she would be celebrating such a milestone. She beamed with pride and said, “Oh I BELIEVE it! I’m just wondering what they (her children) are going to do for me tomorrow since tomorrow is my actual birthday”. How funny is that?! These are the moments that I love what I do!

Happy Official 90th Birthday Lois! I hope the memory of your celebration lasts as long as the love of those who surrounded you at your party!

Please enjoy a few photos of the party styling and custom sugar cookies from Lois’s celebration:


Did you know that I offer custom banners?20160123_143113[1]

Custom Sugar Cookies also by Sweet n Saucy EventsIMG_1610[1]

Custom Red Velvet Cake Pops by Crazy Cakes KCIMG_1604[1]

These may be my favorite custom lace cookies.