Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower – Part 3

We made it to party day!! I’m excited to share all the details of the party!

We had a casual social opening to the baby shower where as the guests entered they signed the guest book and made a sweet little headband for Lil Bear.

Guests wrote little messages to Lesley and Lil Bear on the tags then tied them off and hung them on our little clothes line by glittered clothes pins. Lesley loved the idea so much she plans to hang it in the nursery. How sweet is that?!


Guests were treated with a gorgeous spread of treats. We tried to incorporate all of Lesley’s favorite treats. My favorite part was the nod to Lil Bear with the teddy grahams for the Hot Chocolate Dip!

You can’t have a winter themed shower with out a hot chocolate & coffee bar, am I right?

Our sister Kerry came up with the BEST games! So great that I was too involved in them to take photos! 🙁 Boo on me but I’d rather miss photos then miss out on these special moments with family and friends. Don’t forget to be a PART of your party! These are special moments be present! Here are the cute gifts given to the winners of the games.


Guests were able to take home their own Lil Bears.


I’ll leave you with more photos! I hope you enjoyed this blog series and maybe even learned something along the way.


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Baby It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower – Part 2

You’re inspired, have a vision and a plan. Now what? This is when I like to break, break, break, break, break it down. (You know you sang that in your head. No? Just me? Huh.) Nothing fancy here but I find it essential. Grab your trusty spiral notebook and list everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Take the time now while you’re focused rather than trying to remember the day of the party. Believe me, it will save you multiple trips to the party supply and grocery store, not to mention save you a one way ticket on the crazy train!

Everyone is different but I’ll tell you the right way to do it, I mean, the way that works best for me. 🙂 I “walk” through the party start to finish and make categories then list what I will need from decor to food. Here is what I had noted for the Food/dessert table pictured above.

Decor: Food/dessert table: table, white linens, lace overlay, white lights, deco mesh runner, white cording, command hooks, fishing line, snowflakes, glitter icicles, pink and white tulle, antique and crystal cake stands, glass canister, crystal bowl, tasting spoons, food tent cards, glitter place card holders, plates, napkins, silverware, serving spoons, food (see menu)

I know this seems a little much but, it makes for a great list on part day. Believe me, you WILL forget to buy command strips and fishing line because lets face it, they are not the stars here.

Want to take it one step further? Go big or go home right? You can NEVER be too prepared! I like to mock up my tables and decor. (I usually sketch them out first too, but not everyone is OCD like me.) This helps me get a better idea if my vision is going to work out or if I need to tweak it a bit. Once I get it right I snap a picture of it with my phone. This is helpful if you have someone who is assisting with set up. Just hand them the list we talked about before, the picture of the set up, and box everything on the list together. This saves major time the day of your party! Here’s my mock up:

food table

The last tip I can give you is to plan out your prep work. Unless you want to pull a few all nighters the week of the party, space all of that work out! As I’m making my list I mark the items that I can do ahead of time. For this party those things were, making the printables and signs, making the glitter clothes pins, dressing up the tags for the headband station, setting up the back drop to the food/desert table, making the meringues, and making the white chocolate snowflake cupcake toppers.


Now that all of your party prep work is done check out Part 3 to see it all come together!