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Cutie Marks

Did you know that those cute little marks on the pony’s bums are called Cutie Marks? Yeah, me neither. As a child of the 80’s I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t know this vital information.  Rest assured, my knowledge in the My Little Pony department has grown leaps and bounds due to this party. My sweet little niece Avery was quite the teacher.


I am a huge advocate to letting the kids have a say in their party. Bring them to the consultation. It is all about them, right? Kids know what they want! And they aren’t afraid to tell you if they don’t like your ideas, Avery included. Avery wanted her three favorite ponies in the party (Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie) and absolutely, without a doubt, did NOT want Rainbow Dash anywhere. I don’t know what Rainbow Dash did to get on Avery’s bad side, but let’s just say the disdain for that little rainbow pony is intense. LOL

For the tablescape Avery’s mom bought a large poster of Fluttershy. You can find the exact poster here. There are other cute options here if you want to incorporate all of the ponies. The honeycomb balls and tissue fans were all part of a party set from Party City. To add a little color to the tabletop we took this happy birthday banner and cut it apart.


We incorporated the three favorites into the centerpieces. The centerpieces were super easy to make.  All you need is some clip art, bamboo skewers, craft or floral foam, tissue paper, adhesive (we used spray adhesive), and a small bucket to put it all in. I used clipart of both the pony and it’s cutie mark and duplicated each image. I then reversed one of each of the pony images in Photoshop so that when we glued them together the images would line up. Next just spray the adhesive on the backs of each image and sandwich the skewer in the middle. Stick the skewer in the craft foam, wrap with tissue and you’re done! Avery’s mom, Tiffany, bought the cute glitter #4’s at Hobby Lobby. You can find them in the cake supply section.

Avery wanted a photo area so we found this one here at Party City. As you can see, they had a lot of fun with the masks we found here at Walmart.


They all had fun with the pony themed activities. They bobbed for Apple Jack’s apples, decorated Fluttershy’s butterflies and played horseshoes, or cow shoes as Avery was calling them. We have no idea where that came from.

After the fun and games came the treats! Of course we had a CrazyCakesKC Fluttershy cake! It was as delicious as it was pretty.

The favors included buckets filled with stickers, coloring pages, and rings. To top it all off we attached a little hair clip to each bucket. You can find them herehere, and here. The little guests also got to take home a My Little Pony cookie. Of course I had to make them resemble Avery’s favorite three ponies.


It was a great party and all of the littles had a blast!  Happy 4th Birthday sweet Avery! I hope all of your wishes come true! Auntie A loves you!


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Cheers & Beers!

Pulling off a surprise party can be tricky. It took a handful of friends and family conspiring together to keep the party a secret and luckily it was a success!

Themed parties are my favorite parties to plan. So when I was asked to plan and style this party for a beer enthusiast, the theme was a no-brainer.

I love the current chalkboard trend and thought it would be perfect with the black, white, and golden yellow color scheme. To keep it masculine I pulled in galvanized buckets and distressed wood accents.

As guests waited for the man of the hour they snacked on a wasabi peas, mixed nuts, and snack mix. They washed it all down with an assortment of beer, tea, or customized water.


The Entrance…SURPRISE!!!


When you think of men and beer of course you think wings and come on, everything is better with bacon! The menu consisted of three types of wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, Marinated ham and cheese sliders, carrots and celery in either ranch or blue cheese dip, and a fruit and cheese board. I know what your thinking, where’s the bacon? It’s coming…



It wouldn’t be a party without cake. And boy did Ashley at Crazy Cakes KC out do herself on this one!!! I have NEVER had a reaction from guests like I did with this cake! Multiple people thought it was just a prop for decor. One guest even took video on his phone when it came time to cut it. Minds were blown.


To add insult to injury we threw in some Maple Bacon Mini Cupcakes. YEP, BACON!! These little guys were dangerous. The mini size were just perfect for popping one in your mouth. Or two, or ten. Dangerous I tell  you, DANGEROUS! I tweaked the original recipe a little but you can find the full size cupcake recipe pinned to my party inspiration board here. While you’re on Pinterest why not just follow me?


I had the opportunity to work with a new chalk artist! Jazmyn at Chalk & Creations did an amazing job on the custom chalkboard! It looked just like the invitation. I carried the chalkboards throughout the party with mini chalkboards for the food cards and enlarged faux chalkboards for the backdrops and photo on the mantle.


With any event, I’m all about the details! Details elevate a party. Take the time. It’s always worth it.

Last but not least, anticipate your guests needs. You want your guests to feel special and leave your event with not just a memory, but an experience! I love to listen in and see what people comment about during my events. At this party the #1 topic was the amazing cake. #2 was the bathroom guest basket filled with anything you may need while at the party. One guest came up and told me she couldn’t believe we had Juicy Fruit gum in the bathroom. She said it took her back to her childhood. It’s the little things people! The little details!


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these. Most items can be found at the Dollar Store. They are a major crowd pleaser! At this party more than one guest was happy to hear we had Shout wipes on hand.

What unexpected surprise do you have for your guests at your events?

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Vintage Sewing 50th Birthday

If you know me and were to hear me talking about anything sewing related then you would probably laugh yourself out of your chair. I am NOT a seamstress. Not in the slightest. It is not a talent of mine nor do I ever see myself having the desire to pursue the craft. Hot glue and velcro for life! Truth be told, I have hot glued halloween costumes for my children. I’m not ashamed by this, the costumes were epic. Held together with hot glue, sweat, and mommy wishes but they held together for the one night they were needed and I consider that a WIN!

My friends Nicole and Kim on the other hand amaze and inspire me with the beautiful quilts and bags they create. I am at awe with their talent and passion for the craft.

You can find my talented friends on Etsy:

Nicole at EtsyFacebookBlog

Kim at Etsy, Facebook is coming soon!

Caring is sharing! So check them out.

So when Nicole contacted me to design a party to celebrate Kim’s 50th birthday party I knew right away that it should be a sewing theme. I may not know anything about sewing but I do know parties and I love to style so I embraced the challenge and dove in headfirst. I do love a challenge! Let me tell you, I had a BLAST pulling together all of the little details.

During our consultation we decided on the color scheme, cake, and a few decor items but I had secretly hoped that she would trust me and let me surprise her with a few things as too. As it turns out, wishes do come true and I was able to do just that. Without further ado, here are some photos.

 The Before and After

The Guest Tables

I based the entire color scheme on these gorgeous napkins I found at Party City. I loved the soft hues and they reminded me of a vintage hankie that my grandmother would have carried. When I design a party I try to infuse as much personalization into the party as possible. Both Kim and Nicole specialize in bags so I found some bag patterns and layered them on the tables. I also found the cutest little sewing notion charms at Hobby Lobby and tied them to the mason jars with twine.

The Cake Table

Nicole had told me that Kim picked out her cake long before talk of the party had even begun. I love that we were able to deliver. Our friend Julie at Sierra’s Cakes made Kim’s birthday cake wish a reality. Nicole added the drama to the party by bringing her vintage sewing table for the cake display. I mean come on, how perfect is this! Nicole, you are a great friend. Toting that table to the venue was no easy feat I’m sure. But I’m so glad you did!

The Food and Drink Table

The food and drink tables were “Sew” (yep, I totally went there with the cheesy word play, you knew it was coming and you are welcome) much fun to design. I found the dress form on a local swap page and it was the perfect fit. For the backdrop I stretched lace in embroidery hoops and hung them with Command Strips. Can I get a hallelujah for the creation of Command products? I use them ALL.THE.TIME! I found the idea for the button covered “50” on Pinterest. I love the vibrant ombre buttons that I found at JoAnn’s Craft Store. Details take your design to the next level. Spend time in the details! The balls of yarn, oversized spools of thread, measuring tape, and little wooden spools as bases for the food markers finished off the look.

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