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Hey girl, Hey!!!

Would you believe me if I told you I had never made a cut-out sugar cookie before winter of 2014? It’s true! After having our youngest, Miss Scarlett, I battled with postpartum depression. I decided to leave my corporate job in November of 2014, after an extended maternity leave. That was a difficult decision to make, but once it was final I quickly set my sights on making that Christmas the best Christmas EVER! In my true Leo, type A personality fashion, that meant attempting to master something I had never tried before: decorated sugar cookies. Spoiler alert: My first few attempts were epic fails, but I didn’t give up!

In just a few short years of business I’ve gone from making cookies for friends and family, to teaching hundreds of people from all across the world through my Facebook Live streams and my monthly Virtual Cookie Club.

As I got to know my members and followers, I realized they too were struggling with the same business questions and uncertainty that I had. So I now offer personalized coaching to help other small business owners work smarter and not harder.

Sisters, if I can find a balance between being a wife, mom of four (with one on the spectrum) and running a business, I know you can too!

Thank you for stopping by. It’s an honor to know and serve you. Your future is out there for the taking. I can’t wait to watch you shine!

Stay Sweet,


Meet The Team

I knew very early on that I wasn’t going to build my dream alone. I was going to need help along the way. As soon as I was able, I started adding team members to my dream team. Each incredibly talented person has a unique skill set that adds service and value. I’m so incredibly thankful to have each one of them alongside me, investing their time and talents in Sweet & Saucy Life and believing in me.

Angela Linville, Accounting/Customer Accounts

Hey friends, I’m Angela! I’m a born and raised Missourian, with an unexpected tendency for wanderlust, and a love of all things Disney. I’m a work-at-home, homeschooling, crunchy, foodie mom, married to my high school sweetheart and raising our two miracle sons. With a degree in Hospitality Management, an entrepreneurial spirit, a love of numbers, and an appreciation for all things artistic and creative, I’ve always been a little good at a lot of things, with a Type A personality. I love a good list, but I love crossing everything off of a list even better! My love for event planning was fostered as ‘stage director’ in an 8th grade class play, and fully realized during an internship experience while participating in the Walt Disney World College Program. I naturally gravitate to the behind-the-scenes details of event planning, hosting, budgeting, and directing. I believe in the power of optimism, faith, and a smile.

Crystal Wyrick, Virtual Assistant

Hey there, I’m Crystal! I’m a wife, mom & Chihuahua lover from the midwest. My passion revolves around my family and providing for them while working as a Virtual Assistant part-time – from my kitchen island! I love coffee, vintage farmhouse decor, mexican food & vacations by the beach.

Madison Thornton, Social Media and Graphic Design

Hey there, I’m Madison! I am freshman in college where I’m pursuing a degree in business management and graphic design. When I’m not at school or working I love going to the movie theater, hanging out with friends or drawing. Drawing is my creative outlet (much like cookies is for my mom!) that shifted into graphic design last year and lead me to start creating graphics. My inspiration usually come from natural and living things, but for Sweet & Saucy Life I like to keep things clean and minimalist.

Jessica Steeby, Photography

Hey there, I’m Jess! I’m a wife, mother of five, self-taught photographer and content creator. I am a beach bum at heart, but reside in the Midwest. When I’m not taking pictures I’m either hanging out with my family, or dining out for tacos!

Kellee Yacoub, Customer Service and Product Research Manager

Kellee is the sugar cookie artist behind Sweet Home Cookie Co. in Round Rock, TX. She was an elementary school teacher for 17 years and then embarked on the cookie journey after joining the VCC in December of 2017. She enjoys designing custom cookies for events, as well as holiday specials. In her free time, she loves movie nights with her husband and 3 kids and quiet evenings spent on their back patio. Fun fact: She taught in Honduras, Central America for 13 years and loves speaking Spanish every chance she gets.


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