I LOVE window shopping! Doesn’t everyone? When I have time, and my toddler isn’t going into defcon 10, I love to take my time in Hob Lob (Hobby Lobby) or any craft or home store and just peruse the isles. Armed with the camera on my cell phone, the search is on for anything that may inspire me. When I find that hidden, or not so hidden, treasure I snap a photo of it and the price. Budget is important people!

I was insanely inspired while walking through the Easter aisle at Hob Lob a few weeks ago. Ideas started flying immediately and I had to restrain myself from throwing everything I could see in my cart. My husband should thank me with flowers and chocolate for having such restraint. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It doesn’t take a genius to put together premade decor for Easter. But think outside the box with me. You see Easter, I see a Peter Cottontail Baby Shower or First Birthday theme! Walk with me and let me explain.

The first item I came across were these adorable carrot garlands and bunny bottom garlands. I mean come on! Can it get any more adorable than that? How cute would it be to hang one of them on the front of your food display table or as a garland behind your table.


Or how about these little fabric or twine carrots? They would make adorable place markers for your table settings! Just unbunch the carrots, tie a name tag to each carrot and place the carrot on the plate or napkin at each setting.

This faux grass is a fun way to decorate your food display table just sit your food trays right on top or even use it as part of a table runner or centerpiece for your table.


Want to welcome your guests at the door? Keep it simple with one of these beauties! You could even use these on your food display table for a bigger impact. Perhaps sitting on top of that cute faux grass? Love it!

If you haven’t had enough bunny, look at this precious guy. I love everything about him. And he was a good size! Perfect for a focal point on your food display table.


I just love a Peter Cottontail theme for a baby shower. To the point that I’m pretty sure I heard my ovaries crying right there in the middle of Hob Lob. No more babies for us, but that just means I need, and I mean need, for my ovaries sake, to be commissioned to design this shower for someone else’s precious blessing.

I hope this inspired you to think outside the box and look at those seasonal items at a different angle. Everyone loves a dual purpose item right? Party decor today, home decor for the years to come. Everyone wins!

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