Change comes in all forms. It can be good, bad, and uncomfortable at times. But it can also be exactly what we need to grow. The best part of change is that we have the power over how it will affect us. It’s all about perspective. Will you fight it or will you welcome it with open arms?

I’m sure you are wondering, what changes? Well, for one, I have officially crossed over from event planning to custom cookies. I had my last event in September and I do not plan to book anymore. You may see the occasional family event, here and there because I do love a good party. This girl can’t just go cold turkey!


So, what does this mean? It means Sweet n Saucy Events is evolving and you will be seeing a lot more cookies and a lot more of our Sweet n Saucy Life! I plan to blog 2-4 times a month about cookie tips, tricks, and products I think you will love. If you want to see more, and I know you do HA!, follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I’m excited to see where this Sweet and Saucy Life takes me and would love it if you came along for the ride!