Cookiers LIVE is June 7-8 in Kansas City, MO and I would love to see all of you there!

I’m so excited to introduce your Business Speakers who will be teaching at the event!

Are you joining me in Kansas City, MO on June 7-8 for Cookiers LIVE?  If so, I’m super excited to introduce you to my best business friends who will be speaking and teaching at the event!  Having business speakers on hand will allow those with a cookie decorating business the chance to gain some expert knowledge about taking their business to the next level.  It may also spark a new business idea for those of you who decorate cookies as a hobby!!  Either way, I can’t wait for you to meet your Cookiers LIVE Business Speakers!!

Angie Bauer – Angie Bauer Design 

I am a mom, wife of 17 years and a creative through and through.

I have 4 kiddos ranging from 23-9, I often laugh and say we knew we were in trouble when we had to stop and buy diapers before going and ordering our oldest class ring. But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Our two “littles” as we call them we were both welcomed into our family through adoption. One is internationally adopted from the Philippines and the other was a private domestic adoption.
Our adoption story is what pushed me from being scared to running two successful Brick and Mortars in the town I grew up in.

If someone would have told this to me almost 6.5 years ago I would have laughed but God had greater plans then I had ever at the time dreamed of.
I grew up loving art and design and I even received a full ride to college on an Art scholarship. I turn it down (that’s a whole other story) and like most started adulthood thinking I knew everything. I later went back to school and received a degree in Elementary Education and taught Kindergarten and First grade.

Design for me was and still is like breathing. My passion for design started early and I enjoyed using it in my home and for friends. I quickly fell in love with painting furniture too and between both these loves and business was created. Which took me from selling to friends to a booth, to owning two Brick and Mortars.

Today, I am so excited where my entrepreneurial spirit has taken me. I have sold my two Brick and Mortars recently and am changing my path to focus on my Design work and Business Coaching!

Thank you for coming along this crazy, wonderful, full of surprises life and business!

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Brandon Crist – Brand Mentors

Brandon Crist is the owner of Brand Mentors, a branding agency that mentors businesses through the process of building and maintaining their brand.

Brandon’s passion for branding began while working alongside nonprofits needing websites, digital strategy, as well as social media management. As time progressed, Brandon began building a network and determined that he wanted to turn his passion for helping people into a business.

In 2010, Brandon’s first business, Crist Media Group, was born and began to offer branding services to his clients full-time. Crist Media Group and Social Media Trainer, Brandon’s Second Business was purchased in 2015 and merged into what is now called Brand Mentors. Brandon purchased sole ownership of Brand Mentors in 2017 and has been continuing to share his passion of helping others across the nation.

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Jessica Steeby – Jessica Steeby Photography

Hey there! My name is Jessica Steeby, I’m a wife, and a momma of FIVE! I’m a self taught photographer and visual content creator. My photography journey started in the fall of 2015, shortly after my youngest child was born. I have done all different genres of photography but my absolute favorite is branding photography. I love helping and teaching other business owners the importance of their visual brand, and how to incorporate it into their social media. I can’t wait to meet all of you talented ladies, see y’all soon!

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Your Host – April Kolanchick, Sweet & Saucy Life

I’m April Kolanchick. I’m a wife, mom of 4, a sugar cookie artist, and business coach from the Kansas City, Missouri area. My client base is a diverse group of talented sugar artists looking to grow in their cookie decorating skills and build their creative businesses. I made my very first decorated sugar cookie after Miss Scarlett was born in 2014. I was hooked and slowly dabbled at making cookies for friends and family until 2017 whe I decided to officially start my business. One year in, and we received news that Miss Scarlett’s “quirks” and speech delay was actually Autism. This was the single most pivotal moment for our family and my business. In seven months I went from generating 90% of my revenue through physical cookie sales to 100% online through my membership groups and digital courses. Now instead of making cookies for customers I teach other people how to decorate cookies and build profitable businesses.


Building a business is not something you need to do alone!  Join me at Cookiers LIVE and get the business advice you need to grow this hobby of yours into a profitable business.  Ticket Sales END on May 10th, so you need to act fast.  Click HERE to claim your spot before it’s too late!  See you in June!!