This Christmas Dinosaur Cookie, lovingly named Dino Ian, is at the very tippy top of my all time favorites list. This dinosaur earned it’s namesake from our friend and follower, Ian. He asked his mom to send me a photo of his Christmas decorations last year consisting of a Santa figurine and a dinosaur toy. That unlikely duo inspired me to create this cookie. Huge shout out to Ian and his family for continuing to support and inspire me. But the story doesn’t stop there. We auctioned off Dino Ian in one of my charity auctions and he brought in $285! When the amount was announced I was shocked but then shock turned into much more. You see that $285 was raised by a group of followers and many Virtual Cookie Club members who had never even met in person. They had pooled their money to win the cookie for Ian!!! A young man they had never met in person, but grown to love through the power of social media. Dino Ian continues to be a reminder of all the good in the world. That even if you don’t see it unfolding before your eyes that there are wonderful people out there doing the good work behind the scenes. I’m forever grateful to know such wonderful and giving women and such a special young man and his family.

Learn how I created the Dino Ian Cookie by watching the full tutorial below!

Now do you know why the Dino Ian Cookie is at the top of my all-time favorites list?