Get the details you need to know about my Easter Cookie Decorating Favorites!!

Who wants the inside scoop on all of my Easter Cookie Decorating Favorites?!?!  This is my ultimate list of cutters, stencils, sprinkles and PYO products for the Easter holiday season.  With this arsenal of cookie decorating supplies, you will be able to create dozens of adorable decorated sugar cookies for your friends and family.  Let me give you all of the details!

Easter Cookie Cutters:

Let’s talk about cutters.  Everyone needs a few classic cutters for each holiday and that’s what these are to me.  Not too trendy and simply classic.  These designs will be your go-to year after year, plus – they are super cute!!  Just change up how you decorate them each year and you are set!

Sinful Cutters – Easter Lamb                                Bobbis Cookies – Cutters Easter Chick with Egg

                  KaleidaCuts – Multi Mini Jelly Bean Cutter 


KaleidaCuts – Bunny Flower Crown Cookie Cutter

Easter Cookie Stencils:

Who doesn’t love a good stencil?  Here’s a quick look at why I choose the three featured here.  The basket weave pattern is something all cookiers need for creating easter baskets & adding a great background to any cookie.  Plus, the basket weave design can be repurposed for the 4th of July or for picnic themed cookies.  Next, I decided to share the carrots because they are not only adorable, but they also make for a great background that doesn’t need much additional decorating.  Finally, the vertical “Easter” and “Bunny” are perfect for cookie sticks!

The Cookie Countess – Basketweave Stencil             The Cookie Countess – 2 Piece Carrot set 







The Cookie Countess – Easter & Bunny Vertical 

Easter Cookie Sprinkles:

When choosing sprinkles, I wanted to feature three options that would fit any color palette.  As you can see, there’s pastel & springy, bright & cheery and  a simple springy neon green choice.  No matter what you are looking for – one of these three will do the trick.







Sprinkle Pop Shop – Egg Hunt Sprinkle Mix           







Yolis Yummies Supplies – Easter Parade Sweetapolita   







Neon Yolk – Egg Hunt Sprinkle Mix 

Easter Cookie PYO Pallettes:

PYO Palettes are so easy!  Just add these palettes to your PYO cookies and you are set.  No extra work for you!







The Cookie Countess – PYO Easter Pallettes

Are you looking for the PERFECT Royal Icing Recipe??  If so, let me share mine with you!  Simply click HERE and get your copy today.  This recipe will change the way you decorate cookies – I promise!

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