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Are you looking for the perfect sugar cookie recipe that produces delicious cookies that hold their shape? Are you tired of Pinterest-failed attempts? Do you want a cookie that not only looks good but also tastes good? Well, look no further…

I used to be right there with you!  Either the recipe tasted great but spread OR kept its shape and wasn’t yummy. So, what’s a girl to do? Experiment and make my own recipe, of course!

After being asked time and time again about what recipe I use, I set out to write my first eBook, and to share my Signature Sugar Cookie recipe with you! Fast forward four years, hundreds of ebook downloads later, and tens of thousands of cookies made and here we are today. 

My eBook is a simple guide to creating the perfect, cut-out sugar cookie which includes my Signature Sugar Cookie recipe. In my 18+ page eBook, I walk you step-by-step through the same process that I use to make my cookies. Yep! That’s right! I’m spillin’ my secrets!

Are you a visual learner like I am? I’ve got you covered! My eBook is full of beautiful photos highlighting each step of our cookie journey along the way. You will learn my tips and tricks to make the perfect no- spread sugar cookie Every. Single. Time!


You asked, and I answered! The latest version of our eBook includes:

  • Signature Sugar Cookie Recipe
  • BOTH my meringue powder and egg white based Royal Icing Recipes
  • Step-by-Step detailed instruction where I walk you through the entire process
  • NEW – Troubleshooting Section
  • UPDATED Tips & Tricks for both the cookie newbies and the professional cookiers
  • PLUS! Guaranteed updates to any Signature Sugar Cookie eBook revisions!

What People Are Saying

I have the ebook and it is awesome. I love the cookie recipe, I have tried a couple cookies from others and yours is the best.


The Sugar Cookie book is ah-MAZING!!! I feel so inspired. I’m no pro in the kitchen, especially with baking, but this book really has crushed my fears.


Purchased the eBook, can’t wait to try this!



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