VERY FEW things can motivate me to get up early on vacation. You know what will? The chance to tour Ladd and Ree Drummond’s lodge where she films The Pioneer Woman cooking show, that’s what! When my assistant, Kerryn, told me that the lodge would be open for tours the day while we were visiting it seemed like a dream come true. AND IT WAS!

We asked about the tours the night before while we were visiting the Mercantile and were told to return the next morning for a “ticket” for the tour. Well, this was the perfect excuse for me to run back in the Mercantile without kids, and let’s be honest here, or the hubster in tow. I had my eye on a few things and when we made our quick exit with Scarlett the night before I didn’t have time to pick them up. Well I made quick action of my golden opportunity and snagged me a silver bracelet that has “I love butter” stamped into it. Funny thing is my daughter, Madison, saw it and knew I would want it. She’s a smart girl isn’t she?! I also acquired a new addition to my black & white mug collection. You know I can’t resist a black & white mug!

At check out I was able to snag up the lodge tour “ticket”. Well, it’s really not a ticket per se. It’s actually a map to get to the lodge and a little information for when you arrive. I can see why they ask you to come into the Mercantile to pick one up. Y’all, without that map you would have no idea how to get there! It only took us about 20 minutes from the Mercantile to the Lodge but it was off the beaten path on a gravel road a lot of the way.

Once we arrived the first thing we noticed was the view. You could see for miles and miles! It was STUNNING. I can see why they built there and can only imagine how much they love to soak up that view. The lodge is built on the side of a steep hill. My anxiety was through the roof until we got in the lodge. Scarlett was SO curious and not at all afraid of the steep drop off just past the driveway and large deck that extended the length of the house.

Inside the lodge some things were exactly like you see on the show. There were also some surprises. (See the whole tour in the video below.) First off, the three bedroom suites were SO nice! The rooms were large and full of sunlight. Then there were the ensuite bathrooms. They were something you would see in a hotel. The other surprise was her full commercial kitchen at the back of the lodge. It was glorious! Huge commercial refrigerators, industrial dishwasher, huge island. Pretty much all the things that dreams are made of.  


The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond Lodge tour!

Posted by Sweet & Saucy Life on Tuesday, March 20, 2018


While checking out the industrial kitchen, Scarlett made fast friends with two older couples who probably could have been my grandparents. She ran straight up to the women and hugged their legs and shook their husbands hands. It’s so sweet to see her connect with people and we never know who those special people will be. I’m not sure who enjoyed the exchange more, Scarlett, or her newly adopted grandparents. Smiles and laughs were shared by all.

I’m so glad that timing worked out and we had the opportunity to see the lodge. I can’t wait to go back and catch the little details I missed.  


Next up in our blog series we will be all about our time in Waco, Texas! See you soon!