Nothing excites me more than a good goal. The bigger the better.

Here are a few tips when goal mapping.

1. Identify your goal – Just one. You have to know where you want to end up in order to get there.
2. Brainstorm – Write down EVERYTHING you can think of that you may need in order to get to your goal. I mean EVERYTHING! This is not the time to overthink. Write down everything big and small that comes to mind. We can sift through the info and organize it later. I added a few prompts to help you get started but don’t let them limit you.
3. Flip your thinking and reverse engineer your goal – This is where you may need to think differently. I want you to work backwards from your goal.
4. Identify your mile markers – Mile markers can have small tasks that go with them but focus on the larger idea as a whole. For example a larger idea could be create a website. The small tasks will include writing copy. Selecting photos, etc. Now that you have all of your ideas on paper what is the last thing that you MUST complete before reaching your goal. Write it down on your Goal Mapping path at Flag #3. For your #2 Flag choose what you need to accomplish in order to move on to #3 and so on for Flag #1.
5. Now you can go back and list out the tasks needed to complete each mile marker and assign due dates if necessary.

Watch me talk a little bit on the topic of Goal Mapping by watching the video below.

How good does that feel to have a clear path to GET.IT.DONE!

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