We all have a purpose. We may discover our purpose early or late in our lives. We may find it through a job, a hobby, a life circumstance, tragedy, or through a relationship. Sometimes our true purpose is so great, so impactful, that should God show us His plan, we would become fearful and consumed with doubt fleeing from the very thing we are called upon.

I’ve had more “God nods” in the past two years than I can even count.

Instead, He shows us little flickers to guide us on our path. He sends people into our lives when we need them. A song you need to hear pops on the radio at the right time. A chance encounter with a stranger that eerily shares your struggles. Even a reassuring phone call from a friend who speaks truth to you when you need to hear it most. I like to call these “God nods”.

I’ve had more “God nods” in the past two years than I can even count. Looking back it has been perfectly orchestrated by His hand. I feel the need to tell you about one particular encounter that happened a few months after receiving the news of Scarlett’s autism. The news was still raw and I was very much still grieving but doing my best to stay strong in front of others. On this particular day I was filled with nervous excitement. I was meeting at the home of my mentor, Jennifer Allwood, to shoot footage with Sebastian De Geer of GeereD Up Films, LLC,  for her upcoming course. I knew there were going to be other business women there but was I unaware of who would be there.

(Pictured L-R: Michelle, owner of Boodle-Lou, me, Jennifer AllwoodChastity, of Chastity Stemmons Enterprises, and  Anna, owner of Inspired by YOU Jewlry )

Sitting around the table with Jen, Vicki, Jennifer’s assistant, Michelle, owner of Boodle-Lou, Anna, owner of Inspired by YOU Jewlry , and Chastity, of Chastity Stemmons Enterprises was one of the most impactful “God nod” moments I’ve experienced to date. I didn’t know it then but it was a major turning point for me; spiritually, personally, and for my business.

We individually spoke about what was going on in our businesses and small talked while we were each pulled away to film our specific part. As the women went around telling their stories, the cards started to fall in place. Anna was a school principal whose goal was to take her leather earring business full time. Michelle’s job was teaching children with special needs while she ran her furniture and decor business on the side. (You see where I’m going here, right?)

Then there was Chastity. You see, Chastity is one of those women who walks into a room and people stop dead in their tracks. She has a presence about her that is unmistakable. And when she speaks, you can’t help but listen. I was not ready for Chastity. I say that with all the love. I was not ready. I was not ready for the truths that this amazing woman was about to speak over me. I was not ready for her to shake me up and turn me inside out with her words spoken out of love.

She spoke that my purpose was being handed to me but I wasn’t receiving it. Her words of truth were unable to penetrate through my armor of grief. I couldn’t hear that the very thing that I was grieving was, in fact, my purpose. That my purpose was to be a voice for those who would come behind me on this journey. As she spoke over me the floodgates opened. Have you ever full on ugly cried in front of five women who you not only look up to but also just met in person? Well, that’s what I did.

Some people are brought into our lives to shake us up.

My first reaction was complete denial. I fought hard. I remember calling a friend on the ride home in tears. Thinking “who is this woman and what right does she have to say these things to me? She doesn’t know me! I AM accepting opportunities as they come to me! I AM walking in my purpose!” However, her prophecy lingered with me and ate away at the grief. I couldn’t get her words out of my heart. There was no shaking this. It took me months to let her words truly sink in. To fully accept His gift she spoke to me. As my grief diminished, her words grew louder. His nods became more frequent. I was not ready at all to step into my calling. Looking back, I NEEDED His truth to spill out over me more in that moment than I’ve ever needed it before. He sent Chastity because I NEEDED shaking. I NEEDED to be turned inside out. I NEEDED to be awakened.

I tell you this because I could have missed this moment if I would have let my nervousness of the unknown give me an excuse not to go that day. I could have missed the opportunity to receive His gift had I refused to let it reach my heart.

LADIES! Do it scared. Do it nervous. Do it unsure. Pay attention to the gifts given to you. Then RECEIVE THEM! Pull them close and take them in. It is a gift for you for the taking. Some people are brought into our lives to shake us up. Take time to listen.