Sometimes I can look at a cookie cuter and immediately see a design. This was one of those times. Back when I was planning my class for Cookier’s LIVE 2019 I reached out to my friend Heather, the creative mastermind and owner of KaleidaCuts and asked her to design a floral high heel cutter. As always, she knocked it out of the park. (As if there was any question.)

Decorated Sugar Cookie Cutter Ideas - Black Dress and High Heel Shoe

Skip a head a few months and I started shifting gears and thinking all things fall and Halloween. To the dismay of my cookie cutter shop friends, I’m a huge believer of using the cutters you have if you can. (Don’t worry, I still buy my fair share of cutters to show my support for female own and operated small business.) Heather’s floral high heel cutter quickly came to mind. Immediately I saw a witches shoe and knew I had something, but what was I going to do with the floral part? Then it hit me, the little spiked areas for the leaves made perfect ears and horns meant for a little cute monster!

Halloween Monster Cookie with Witches' High Heel Shoe and Striped Socks

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I love texture, glitter, and metallics. So a glittery high heel and a spiky little monster seemed like the perfect fit. After the video I decided to go back and add black lines with an edible marker in between the purple and orange stripes on her stockings to add a little detail. Funny how something that simple can add the finishing touch and complete a design.

Here’s a list of the products used in the making of this cookie:

I had so much fun decorating this cookie during my Tuesday Livestream over on Facebook. It’s always a ton of fun to interact with viewers. Huge shout out to Cynthia Wolf for suggesting the name Horace for our little green monster!

Until next time, remember to Stay Sweet!

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