Whether you’re a master cookier, budding baker, or a heck, maybe you’ve even burnt your fair share of no-bake cookies, (true story, please don’t judge) you’re in the right place! All you need is a desire to learn and the willingness to try! We all start somewhere and regardless of where you are on your cookie making journey, I’m honored to be a part of it!

Sugar Cookie Summer School

Sugar Cookie Summer School is for anyone who wants to learn how to bake the perfect sugar cookie and make royal icing without all the fuss!


This Is My Favorite Icing Recipe!
Cookies sometimes just taste better with icing! If you’ve been struggling over icing recipes like I used to, look no further. This one is the winner!


Are you looking for the perfect sugar cookie recipe that produces delicious cookies that hold their shape? Are you tired of Pinterest-failed attempts in your pursuit of the perfect combination of functional and delicious?

I used to be right there with you! After endless searches, wasted ingredients, and major failed attempts, my quest for ‘THE Perfect, No-Spread, Cut-Out Sugar Cookie Recipe’ left me feeling like a modern day Goldilocks. Either the recipe tasted great but spread OR kept its shape and was bland and hard.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had this problem. Time and time again, customers would ask what recipe I used. So instead of keeping it a secret, I set out to write my first eBook, and to share my Signature Sugar Cookie recipe with you!


Do you have your own cookie business? The VCC is a great place to learn new techniques and stay up-to-date with new trends that your customers are sure to love!

Our Virtual Cookie Club is for anyone, at any skill level. You can decorate cookies with April (our Master Cookier) from the comfort of your own home! You can even invite your mom, sister, daughter, or your girlfriends over for the fun, and sprinkle cookie knowledge among your family and friends.


If you enjoy my Livestream tutorials on Facebook, consider this a peek behind the curtain! Never before have I offered my past classes for individual sale. Now you can pick and choose which tutorials are right for you, with no commitment, and no waiting!

What People Are Saying

April does an amazing job interacting with everyone & makes you feel like apart of the group!


Hi! We purchased Royals cookies for my daughters birthday party. These cookies exceeded our expectations! All of the parents at the party couldn’t believe these cookies were edible because they look so amazing!


Thank you for sharing your talent. I could literally watch you all day, everyday.



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