It’s time for the March Sweet & Saucy Life Subscription Box Reveal!

PYO Cookie Themed Sweet & Saucy Life Subscription Box

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This month’s theme was PYO Easter Cookies!

Here’s what was included in the March box and why it was curated:

Dixie Bliss Earrings – These fun animal print cork earrings were custom made with you in mind. They are lightweight and can go with anything and any occasion. I love that the shape we chose, called the Phoenix.  It’s the perfect symbolism for us as women. Like the phoenix rising from ashes, many of us have overcome adversity in our lives. I hope that every time you put on these earrings you are reminded that you are resilient and are made to do hard things.

Frosted Pearl PYO Stencil – Ok, how cute is this little chick in an egg stencil?! I love the simplicity and the absolute adorable design. It’s sure to be a favorite!

He and She Create! Stencil Word Search – PYO cookies just got a fun upgrade with this cute word search design. It is perfect for kids and adults. It’s the perfect family fun activity for your Easter dinner guests.

Cookie Countess Spatula – If you’re going to be making PYO cookies, you need a great scraping tool to spread your icing on your stencil. I chose this spatula because it has the perfect flat end for scraping.

Cookie Countess PYO Easter Palette – These easy peasy PYO palettes are the perfect addition to your cookies. No more baking and icing extra cookies or making dozens upon dozens of royal icing dots just for pallets. Just add water and you’re ready to go!

PYO Brushes – Sis, we have you covered with this box. You’ll need something for your guests or customers to use to make their masterpieces. These little brushes are perfect for the job. They have soft bristles and fit perfectly in whatever packaging you decide to use.

Dots & Bows PYO Card – I teamed up with my cookie friend Katrina of Dots & Bows to bring you the perfect, all occassion, PYO instruction card. Just download using the information provided in the box and print as many as you need. Then cut and add to your packaging so that your guest or customers have simple instructions on how to paint their own cookie.

PYO Cookie Themed Sweet & Saucy Life Subscription Box


PYO Cookie Themed Sweet & Saucy Life Subscription Box


PYO Cookie Themed Sweet & Saucy Life Subscription Box


Check out the video below for more ideas on how to use the products in this box.

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