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Hi there, SWEETS!

You’ve reached this page because you are an AMAZING and inspiring influencer, and one whom I would be honored to have in my cookie corner! 

I am SO stinkin’ excited to be “rolling out” my Virtual Cookie Club Referral Partner Program! If you’re interested in becoming an Referral Partner —read on!


I am humbled and honored that you would bless me with YOUR support, and it only seems right that you receive a blessing from ME in return. 

As a Referral Partner:
You will earn a 10% for anyone who signs up for the Virtual Cookie Club monthly subscription after using your referral link. That’s 10% of the monthly membership fee EVERY MONTH they are an active member! Payout via PayPal is by the 15th of the month, 30 days after subscription enrollment. 

Even if someone clicks on your affiliate link and then clicks on someone else’s affiliate link (within 60 days) and go on to buy, YOU will get credit for their purchase(s) as I am honoring the “first referrer”. 

That’s it! As simple as pie….or cookies! ?

Fill in your information below for next steps, and you will hear from us soon!

*Sweet & Saucy Life has the right to change the terms and agreement of this program at anytime without notice. A completed W-9 must be received via email via prior to any payout.


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