Let me start off saying that I’m a diva when it comes to traveling by car. I completely admit this and don’t even hide it anymore. Add the fact that my husband is a truck driver who for years traveled six days a week literally coast to coast and back; yep the irony is not lost here. Anyone else a huge baby in the car? The sound of the wheels to the road and the movement of the car will lull me to sleep in no time flat. It’s a sad reality, or possibly a Godsend. I guess it depends on your perspective. My husband may lean towards the ladder. Well I’m proud to announce, or should I say to my husband’s dismay, I stayed awake for the majority of the way to Pawhuska, Oklahoma. If my husband tells you different, don’t believe him. This is my blog and I write from my perspective. 😉 It helped that I listened to the audiobook version of “Girl, Wash Your Face” by the one and only Ms. Rachel Hollis. Available Here. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know my obsession with Rachel and her glorious, dare I say badassery. (Add that to your April-isms.)

The whole fam bam arrived at our hotel minutes, y’all I mean like 2 minutes, before I had a scheduled coaching call. Yep! I totally took that Zoom call in the van while the kids and the hubster unloaded all the luggage and got things settled in the hotel room. Did I plan on cutting it this close? Nope, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do when your an entrepreneur. Can I get an Amen?! I must add that even though this wasn’t planned I will say the timing worked out great…for me. Well played mom, well played!

After my call we headed to the holy grail of Pawhuska. None other than the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile. Let me tell you, it was HEAVEN. I’m already planning a girls trip to go back. I loved it all. The architecture, the family photos on the walls, the large built-ins, the bright colors in the merchandise. It was heaven. I went live on Facebook while I was there to show you a tour because that’s what friends do right?



Live from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Posted by Sweet & Saucy Life on Monday, March 19, 2018


Scarlett’s favorite part was the large staircase. She scaled that thing multiple times top to bottom all while beaming with pride and the biggest smile on her little face.

At the top of the staircase the heavens opened up and I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing. There it was, her bakery, in all it’s glory! Ok, so I have a thing for bakeries. No surprise there. The rest of the upstairs consisted of an eclectic mix of rustic and colorful vintage furniture for gathering, encased by the most beautiful exposed brick exterior walls. Scarlett single handedly tested each and every seat on the second floor and all passed her approval with flying colors.

I bet you’re wondering what we ordered from the bakery? Well, cookies of course! While I was downstairs shooting my live video on Facebook the hubster ordered an assortment of snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, and chocolate M&M cookies. Y’all, they were SO GOOD!

My only regret was we didn’t eat at The Mercantile. I know, I know, but we had reasons. First of all, our oldest has a severe food allergy and to be completely honest, eating out is hard. Being out of town and nowhere near a hospital (that we knew of) is downright scary so we didn’t even attempt to try. The second reason was there was about a 30 minute wait to be seated and you had to wait outside in line. Y’all it was chilly! We were hangry! Not hungry, HANGRY. We had been in the car for hours and Miss Scarlett needed to move. This was not the place for that. So, we left and ate somewhere else. This was the worst decision of the trip. I won’t say where we ate, but there really aren’t many choices in Pawhuska so…

Next visit will be a girl’s weekend and we will eat all the things and I’ll tell you all about it!

Next up in our Blog series is our experience at the Pioneer Woman’s Lodge! See you soon!