One-On-One Coaching

You did it! You took that leap of faith and started your own business! YAY! I am SO excited for you!

I know this journey can be sweet AND saucy, which is why I am here to help. People always ask me how I have gained such a following and steady stream of clients since I went full-time as a cookier last year, so now I am sharing my tips and tidbits for business success with YOU! (Happy dance!)

You might consider One-On-One Business Coaching if:

  • You have this great idea and passion for your business but have no idea where/how to start.
  • You have started your business but need help getting out of a lull.
  • You need direction with the ever-changing online world and social media.
  • You are looking for some help pinpointing and reaching your ideal clients/consumers.
  • Your business is booming and now you need help managing the workload/demand.

As your coach, I will help you organize your thoughts and ideas so they translate into success! We can whip up a one-time, 30-minute call to get you moving, or we can knead through your business plan a little longer by scheduling four, 30-minute calls in one month. (I am only able to take on four clients a month, so book now to reserve your spot!)

What to expect from your coach (that’s me!)

  • My undivided, uninterrupted attention to you and your needs!
  • Flexible topics – we can talk about what you need, when you need it!
  • 30-minute phone or video coaching calls that can be recorded upon request.
  • Support and encouragement – I truly enjoy watching others succeed.

Humble disclaimer: I will willingly admit that I do not know it all! But I love sharing what I do know (and what has worked wonderfully for me) to help others turn their dreams into reality while supporting the small-business community.

Let’s get started!

What People Are Saying

April is awesome she is an awesome teacher I’ve learned so much


April has taught me so much. Each month is something new that I can use at that time or some other time.

Jo Ann

Such a helpful, kind teacher. Always cheerful and friendly.



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