If you’re a fall fanatic like me you’re going to love this post! Often times when I’m deciding how to decorate cookies I get my inspiration from home decor. Patterned pumpkins have been very popular for the past few years and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. So why not make them into cookies!

Patterned Pumpkin Decorated Sugar Cookie Tutorial

This is the time to look through your background stencils for fun patterns. For these two designs I chose stencils that you wouldn’t normally think of when you think fall. You just can’t go wrong with floral and animal print can you?

Once you have your stencils chosen, now comes the color scheme! I decided to step away from the expected traditional fall colors and go with a more muted palette that complemented the patterns in the stencils. I’m currently loving all things rose gold and blush so those two colors were my inspiration.

First I outlined and sectioned my pumpkin with the medium consistency blush royal icing. Then I added the “underwire” as I like to call it to the middle of each section to prevent craters. I then let the icing slightly crust over. I then flooded every other section as shown in the photo above. Now, you may want to rush in and flood the other sections, but you need to wait and let the first sections crust over first. This usually only takes a 5 or so minutes you can tell when the sheen of the icing changes from shiny to slightly matte. This is how you achieve the segmented look. Once the first sections are crusted, you can now flood the other sections.

Patterned Pumpkin Decorated Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Since we are using a stencil and airbrushing we need to let the cookies dry completely. You don’t want to rush this process.

Once the cookies are completely dry you can start airbrushing. Watch the following video where I show you how I airbrushed these cute pumpkins.

Let’s make some patterned pumpkins!!!

Posted by Sweet & Saucy Life on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Here’s a quick list of the supplies I used for my Patterned Pumpkins:

Are you a fan of patterned pumpkins? I’d love you see the unique designs you come up with using these techniques.

Until next time, Stay Sweet!