Never before has our world been so connected. News and world events are experienced in real time through the internet. Social media has made it possible to connect with people around the world who have common interests. Yet, we as a society are more disconnected and lonely than ever before. However, there’s something magical that happens when people get together face to face. Face to face human connection can not be replicated.

Last spring I had the opportunity to witness this magic in person when my family and I went to Waco, TX for my first ever meet up.

Online followers, friends, and family came together to share delicious food, drinks, and conversation. The atmosphere was light, comfortable, and warm. If anyone was nervous, I couldn’t tell. It was like a group of old friends hanging out enjoying Mexican food and margaritas. But the truth was, the majority of these ladies had never met in person. It was so special to witness friendships made online solidified by meeting in person.

It was an evening I’ll never forget.

Business networking is so important because we all need someone who “gets it” in our corner cheering us on.

If you’re looking for an experience like the one we had in Waco, I want to invite you to my weekend event, Cookiers LIVE, in Kansas City, Missouri this June.

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Let’s face it, there’s nothing like spending real time and conversation with friends. There’s a warmth that technology just can’t translate. After all, you do not have to do life or business alone. We’re all in this together.