Learn to decorate an adorable set of Dinosaur themed cookies with a spooky twist!

Calling all beginner cookie decorators! This challenge is for you….

Have you wanted to learn how to create fun and easy decorated sugar cookies but don’t know where to start?

Are you intimidated by royal icing and all of the different consistencies?

Do you have a fall event coming up and want to wow your guests with beautiful cookies?

Maybe you have the basic techniques down but want to expand your knowledge by trying something new!

If you said YES to any of these questions, the Spooky-Saurus Halloween Cookie Decorating Workshop is the perfect place for you!


Join April for the Spooky-Saurus Cookie Workshop

These Halloween themed cookies are perfect for all of your sweet or scary upcoming events! This three day Cookie Workshop has been designed to teach you icing consistency, decorating, piping and more in a laid back atmosphere. When you enroll in the workshop you will receive:

  • April’s Royal Icing Recipes
  • A full supply list including links to the cookie cutters, tips and gel colors that will be used in class.
  • Step-by-step video instruction including lifetime access to all replays via the Facebook group.

Challenge Schedule

Day 1 - Prep

  • How to make royal icing using my go-to recipe.
  • Learn different consistencies and how to know which to use and when.
  • How to color royal icing and mix custom colors.
  • How to use piping tips & tipless bags.

Day 2 - Decorate

  • Learn how to outline and flood.
  • Learn how to create dimension in your cookies using layers.
  • Learn how to airbrush. (optional)

Day 3 - Details Matter

  • Learn how to avoid craters in your icing.
  • Learn how to make cutesy eyes.
  • Learn how to use a piping tip with a tipless bag.

Meet your Instructor:

I’m April

Hi!  I’m April and in the past 5 years I’ve gone from epic cookie fails to teaching thousands of people from all across the world through my Facebook Live streams and my monthly Virtual Cookie Club Membership.

My client base is a diverse group of talented sugar artists looking to grow in their cookie decorating skills and build their creative businesses. I made my very first decorated sugar cookie after Miss Scarlett was born in 2014. I was hooked and slowly dabbled at making cookies for friends and family until 2017 when I decided to officially start my business. One year in, and we received news that Miss Scarlett’s “quirks” and speech delay was actually Autism. This was the single most pivotal moment for our family and my business. In seven months I went from generating 90% of my revenue through physical cookie sales to 100% online through my membership groups and digital courses. Now instead of making cookies for customers I teach other people how to decorate cookies and build profitable businesses.

Learn how to make these adorable Dinosaur cookies!

Join the Spooky-Saurus Halloween Cookie Decorating Workshop! You’re just a few days away from creating the Halloween themed sugar cookies you’ve always dreamed of!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the class materials be delivered to me?

All class information is housed in a Private Facebook Group that you’ll gain access to once you sign up. You can come and go as you please and consume the information when your schedule allows.

What does the Spooky-Saurus Halloween Cookie Decorating Workshop Challenge cost?

The Spooky-Saurus Halloween Cookie Decorating Workshop Challenge is $17.

Do I need prior cookie decorating experience?

Nope!! This workshop was designed for those totally new to cookie decorating. I will walk you through the entire decorating process start to finish. PLUS I’ll be available in the group during the workshop to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Are supplies included in the price of the class?

No, supplies are not included in the $17 class price. However, participates will have the option to purchase a supply box that includes the cutters and stencils used for the class.


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