Get a sneak peak at all of my best sprinkle storage ideas!  These are all my tricks for keeping my sprinkles organized and ready for decorating.

If you’re a cookier you love sprinkles – am I right!?!?  All the cute shapes, sizes, colors!! We can’t get enough.  But what we don’t always think about is how we are going to store all of our sprinkles once we have accumulated a collection.  Today, I want to share with you my favorite sprinkle storage ideas so you can keep your sprinkles in order and ready for your next decorating job.

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Watch me explain my Sprinkle Storage Ideas in the video below.  The first 10 minutes are all about how I store my sprinkles!  

Here’s a quick look at my best Sprinkle Storage Ideas from the video:

For sprinkles that come in a bag, I like to use Bead and Craft Storage Boxes.  Be sure the dividers in the boxes are permanent & not designed to adjust. These are great for organizing your collection by color, season, holiday or otherwise.  

Tiny Mason Jars are a great way to display your favorite sprinkles on shelves in your kitchen.  Pro Tip – Be sure to put the label from the original sprinkle bottle on the bottom of your jar so you remember where they came from.  

Large clear jars with lids can hold bigger collections of sprinkles and also look great on display in your kitchen.  

Easy sprinkle storage ideas that will transform how you organize your sugar cookie baking supplies! #sweetandsaucylife #sugarcookies #sprinkles #sprinklesstorage #bakingorganization

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