As we settle into the new year I’ve taken time to sit, be still, and reflect on 2020. I talk about reflection a lot to my coaching clients. About the importance of taking time to stop and analize after a launch or a busy season. This may be releasing holiday specials, a new course, a digital product, or a physical product. It’s important to note what went well, what didn’t, what you improve on, what should you add, what you should omit, did you meet your goal, and how do you feel now that it’s done?

They seem like simple questions. I find that the simplest of things can sometimes get overlooked. Let’s say for example, like many cookiers, you just came off the holiday rush of Christmas orders. Perhaps you even met or exceeded your goals so you chalk it up to a win and quickly move on to Valentine’s Day planning.

If you take time to sit, reflect, and answer these questions your “win” may look a little like this: What went well? You met your financial goal which meant you were able to contribute financially to your family’s Christmas presents without going into debt. You made all of your customers happy with your beautiful cookies. What didn’t? This meant you only slept 3-4 hours a night (wearing that #TeamNoSleep like a badge of honor). Your Christmas tree didn’t get decorated until the very last second. You ordered all of your Christmas presents late and were stressed they would arrive on time. You missed out on precious time with your family to get all your orders out. You almost forgot an order or two because everything was so crazy. You got sick because you weren’t taking care of yourself. You crashed and burned once the last order was out the door. Any of this sound familiar? Yeah, me too. I’ve been there. So, maybe this “win” wasn’t exactly what’s best for you or your family after all. Only you can make that decision.

So now we know what worked and what didn’t. So rather than continue on this hamster wheel for the next holiday we sit and reevaluate. Maybe your ordering process needs to be streamlined so you don’t accidentally miss an order again. Maybe you need to narrow down your product offerings so that you aren’t so scrambled? Maybe you need to raise your prices so that you’re making less cookies and making the same profit or more. Maybe you need to decide what your limits are and stick to them. It all sounds like simple common sense right? Well sis, here’s the thing, sometimes it’s simple that gets the job done. Often times simple changes are the ones that make the greatest impacts in our lives. For instance, we all know we need to drink water to stay hydrated and healthy, right? Yeah, duh. Now tell me, did you drink your quota of water today? Drinking water sounds so simple, but the majority of people don’t do it. (Myself included.) Simple changes matter!

I’d love to hear from you. What simple changes are you making to streamline your processes? To simplify your life and business? To help you show up in your life? I’d love for you to share them with me.